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Why Cubecart?

Guest LaticsGary

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Guest LaticsGary

I am looking around for a ecommerce shopping cart.

I am ready have a static site that I have played around with a static site built with FrontPage but am now looking to go into business after being made redundant and would like a site which holds a database of around 5000 items with pics with a search facility.

I have only basic skills - apart from a bloody minded determination solve a problem.

So ...............

How easy is Cubecart to use?

I have also looked at ShopSite - anyone used that?

What are the pro's and cons of Cubecart?

Would you reccomend it to a friend?

Thanks for taking the time to look at this.

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I'd definitely recommend CubeCart. The biggest benefit is that it is very easy to customise, both the skin and core functionality.

You just need to decide whether the features you need can be found within CubeCart or a modification found in the third-party site.

CubeCart has the support of many third-party providers to help make your store perfect for your needs.

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I would recommend it. But, my advice would be to see how much it will do "out of the box". I remember CubeCart3 needed a reasonable amount of customisation (3rd party mods) to get usable.

CubeCart4 requires less customisation- -perhaps a few tweaks, but generally its much more feature rich.

If you have 5000 products, how are you going to enter them into the system? Even copying and pasting supplier text (not recommended as you'll get hit for duplicate content by search engines!), will still take quite a bit of time to add each product.

At very least, you'll be looking at 5000mins..about 10 days of solid work, probably double that.

If you're drop-shipping, then this is a difficult thing to do well. You're at the mercy of your supplier/drop shipper, and there will be many people on ebay selling the same gear.

Back to cubecart, I can't comment on the other carts - I tried Zen and OSc a few years ago, they may have improved.

CubeCart does have a strong community, with the cubecartforums.org site providing an army of 3rd party developers who provide a wide range of modifications and templates (free and commercial), and also 1-1 services.

So... you can install CC4 for a 30 day free trial. I'd recommend this, but not going too far - just upload a few products and get a feel for it.

Ask questions here - you may get "this is not part of the core code, and will modifications..." with a pointer to cubecartforums.org

Its also worth searching, as some features are commonly requested.

In closing, I'd consider your business needs first and create a business plan if you've not already done so. If you can't program, you may need to budget for some paid assistance if you need more than the basic cart.

I suggest that most other carts will need tweaking in some form.

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