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I want a popup for shipments outside the 48 contiguous states

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Hi all,

I'm not sure if this should be in the Payment or Shipping section, so I'm posting in both.

Please see my customer's store here: http://www.pdmpantiqueprints.com/store/. If you read the Terms & Conditions, you'll see that we charge an $8.95 (shipping &) handling flat fee for domestic (USA) or international shipments, however for shipments outside the 48 contiguous states the actual shipping fee will be COD with the $8.95 only covering packaging. Naturally, the concern is that a customer outside the 48 contiguous states makes a purchase, checks the box saying "Yes I read and agree to the Terms & Conditions" without actually reading it, thinks they're only paying $8.95 for S&H, then the shipper arrives at their door with a bill that could include, besides shipping, customs, taxes, and other fees.

What I'd like is a mod that, in the event of a customer's delivery address being outside the 48 contiguous states, causes a popup to appear stating something to the effect of "Did you REALLY read the Terms & Conditions? Because there will be a COD shipping fee besides the $8.95 that you pay online. If you'd like us to look into the exact cost for your address, please feel free to contact us". I'd like the text both in the title of the window as well as the body of the window to be editable (it doesn't have to be accessible via the admin module, manually editing a text file that I then ftp to the web server is fine).

I've posted this request to the "Hire a Developer" forum too, so if you're a commercial contributor feel free to quote me a price.


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