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Guest davesd

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Hi folks, i have had a few mods placed into my cubecart, a google submitter and a blog. The iste is now really slow to work.

Anyone have any suggestions,

anyone think 'magic seo' for cubecart will help.

Please help!!

ta dave


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Please remember this site is for core product support, not mods. You will need to visit cubecartforums.org for discussions about third-party mods.

The only suggestion we can make to your post on this forum is to ensure you have caching enabled and your hosting server is sufficiently fast enough.

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This site appears fine from here (UK) - not lightening fast, but perfectly acceptable.

I note its hosted by Heart Internet - I've a few clients on their systems with no issues.

What does the host say? Also, what version of CC4 are you running?

Otherwise, could be a ISP/Local issue at your end.

If you suspect the built-in SEO friendly URLS, you can disable then as a quick test...


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