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how do you tell when they have paid.

Guest davesd

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on cc3, when a customer had paid it was clearly marked.

On cc4 i don't get it.

I offer a print and pro forma invocie service as well! just to confuse the issue.

But when i log in to cc

iget the following what does each mean please, i do have the paypal ipn set up and i receive an email from cubecart or paypal when i have been paid but that is all

1). Processing (please see order notes) in the order box paypal is the chosen method of payment/

2 Pending new order. what does this mean versus the above

thanks a bunch


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Pending = Pending Payment. PayPal IPN and some others will inform CubeCart that payment has been made (and so the status will automatically change to Processing)

Processing = Payment has been received, this may mean you have received a Cheque/Cash/Postal Order, or one of the payment methods has automatically received payment notification.

So - new orders, with payment option as "print order form", or probably pro-forma, will generate a "Pending" status.

You should not ship the order until payment is received. Upon receipt, you will need to manually change the status to Processing, or skip straight to "Completed" (depending what it involved in processing the order)

Note: If you're selling Digital goods (MP3/Images etc), then the download link will not work until payment is received (order status=Processing or Completed).

CubeCart obviously won't be aware of offline payment methods (cheque/po/cash etc), and so this is why you need to manually change the status.

Hope this helps,


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