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Paypal Pro flow

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I have problems perhaps someone can help me

I have entered all relevant dsetails on config of Paypal Pro flo

Username / password / merchan id and Paypal uk

when I do a test order I get the credit card symbols and it goes the page where to enter the card details

then it autorises very quickly.

I get an email as buyer saying that my payment was successfull

and from the cubecart admin 1 get an email with a link to follow back to system and at the bottom of that screen I can see the following

Time: Feb 01 2011, 14:21 PM

Action: PayPal Website Payments Pro (Sale)

Transaction Id: E74P2E3B737E

Amount: £9.98

Notes: Successful transaction via Credit Card. Address: Matches.

Zip/Post Code: Does not match.

Auth code: No Response.

CVV2 Match: The cardholder's bank does not support this service.

International AVS address response: Matches.

but money never appears in paypal account

Have I done anything wrong ???



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