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Email Notifications Stopped


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Using v4.3.8

Working perfectly until about a week ago when emails suddenly stopped coming through - neither the admin or customers are getting any emails throughout the order/payment process

It was set to mail()

I have tried setting to SMTP, both without authentication and with SMTP username and password to no effect

The site is hosted with Webfusion

Any ideas?


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It's done through a class... classes/cart/order.inc.php

But if you've not edited any files, and it's affecting all emails, then it's more likely server related and not CubeCart code related. That file only controls the order process, I presume the tell-a-friend feature no longer works as well?

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Nothing works, and Webfusion are giving the old 'we do not give scripting support' answer.

As I do not understand how the system is supposed to work when you set the mail method to mail() can someone please explain it to me so that I can paste it into Webfusion's support panel and get an answer.

At the moment I am getting no-where.

As a web designer I install a lot of cubecart systems all with 123-reg/Webfusion. If this is something that is going to affect all those installs it should be identified by Cubecart, as I am sure other complaints from users will start to arise.

I have submitted a ticket to the bugs website over a week ago to try and get someone from Cubecart to help explain it to Webfusion but as usual my ticket has so far been ignored.

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Worked for a while at the weekend but not again today.

Could really do with a response from Cubecart as a matter of urgency so I can explain to Webfusion what could be wrong

Not happy with the complete ignoring of my Bugtracker submission for over a week without even an acknowledgement

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Guest groovejuice

This is almost certainly an issue with your host. When you contact them, ask about a recent change to a Mod Security rule. They should be able to Whitelist you. If you don't get adequate help, I'd suggest a new host.

Hope it works out...

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I don't have the solution but I have the same issue with my store cc4.4.3 on 2 stores on 2 servers I noticed the problem in August 2010, every email has stopped i.e. reviews, order notification, password resets, contact form (estells mod) which is a pain.

My bodges fixes are:- I have over come the contact form using a different contact form on the same server and using iframe tags to add it to the contact us page.

Order notifications I rely on the Paypal payment received email to inform me of a new order.

I suspect the reason for me/us is that the ISP's may have blacklisted cubecart script as the Tell a fried had a spam bot using it and sending thousands of messages a day (checked "post" in log file) I wonder if this maybe the case?? I never perused the issue as couldn't be bothered. Would be nice for a fix or to confirm if the script kiddy has caused the ISP's to stop CC mail

Also it looks like Cube cart bug tracker isn't sending out emails as I tried to register but no email to ativate account arrived, I was going to post this on the bug tracker on your ticket.

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