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Guides on how to mod or create skins


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It is a shame because the admin area looks fantastic. What I may do once I figure it out is put together a pdf and do their job for them. Anyone in the cubecart community that feels like contributing please do

I understand what you're saying about the documentation should be in place by now, but in the meantime this helps a lot.

customizing skin thread

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I do feel your frustration - went through it a bit when CubeCart 3 was released, and CubeCart 4. While my next comments won't probably help to make you feel better, they need saying.

1. It is ridiculous to think that the code developers can throw together a manual in an hour. Authoring documentation for public consumption is time-consuming, it is not as easy as you think, and developing the script / removing bugs is more important.

2. Companies who "have it all" - extensive working scripts and full documentation - are companies who have large enough staff to "do it all" - Devellion has a small programming and customer service / tech assistance staff. There is no staff to my knowledge for manning forums, writing documentation, etc.

3. Moderators here are volunteers, they do not work for Devellion and are not reimbursed for their time in any way.

4. The documentation for CC4 and CC3 that you can find on cubecartforums.org was all written by people like you who learned the script and shared their knowledge.

About the PDF idea, I did the same thing years ago with CC3, but really that's not the best solution IMO, it is better to submit it to the documentation project at cubecartforums.org where it will be readily accessible to the community alongside the documentation for CC3 and CC4. Please do contribute, and continue to invite others to contribute. Sooner done, sooner satisfied!

Please note that cubecartforums.org is not a part of Devellion, Ltd. and we are volunteers there . . . though most of us are also CubeCart third-party developers as well.

Lastly, I agree that a paid ecommerce solution should be a bit more polished than CC5 . . . but even with its rough edges and lack of documentation, the small development crew well earn their monies, and I have faith in their commitment to excellence. Though much of what I have written can be characterized as a defense of them, I do not represent them nor am I privy to their plans, they may well be planning company documentation, but knowing the small work force of programmers and imagining the tasks they face in developing the software I very seriously doubt they will be authoring documentation any time soon.

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