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cannot login to admin panel, or change password

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I created a new folder and copied my database to check out CC5 and the upgrade process since I have quite a few 3rd party mods on my setup. Everything went well after I modified the global.inc.php in the includes folder to work with the new database and database user (not wanting any mistakes and writing over my live site's database), but I cannot get into the admin panel. It lets me send an email and I click the link to change it, and that all works very nicely. When I enter my new password, it puts me at the login screen with the red bar at the top telling me

The following errors were detected:

Invalid Username and/or Password

That is great, I just told it what password I would like to use, and it tells me I either don't exist or my password is wrong before I get a chance to even try it. Trying it produces the same results. An endless loop that I have done 4 times before posting here. I have no idea what the problem is now.

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Guest hennaboy

I had this issue and reported it to the bug tracker. Try removing the salt value for your admin user in the database and then attempt to login.

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