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Too many problems


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This upgrade to Cubecart 5 might be a death to the store! I submit tickets then I am told to create a bug for it. Sure enough the bug gets rejected, ticket gets put on hold and my issue does not get resolved. This store is receiving many orders a day and NOTHING IS CORRECT!

See screen shot and do the math


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Store url?

Which payment method is the receipt for?

Have you upgraded to 5.0.1?

It's a world of messes so far. Support just fixed that issue finally but there are still another bothersome issue.

Running 5.0.1

When using the Authorize.net AIM gateway customer email receipts show a quantity of 1 no matter how much they order. The price is correct for the quantity they ordered. Paypal and Print Order Form gateways work fine. Customers calling and emailing everyday complaining. He is mad at me saying his business reputation is getting ruined. I am lost for words. I was hoping this upgrade would be good for his business.

I set this up for a friend and he is wishing he could go back to Cubecart 4.

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