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Know of a mod to send transaction status by email?


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I have a customer on V4 with both Paypal and HSBC Secure ePayments as payment gateways.

The problem is when a customer makes a payment using the HSBC system and it gets held for fraud review.

Unfortunately CubeCart sends the usual email to both the customer and the shop's admin that the transaction has cleared, even on a fraud review transaction.

You can only tell if the transaction is held for fraud review by going into the Payment Transaction Log in CubeCart and clicking on each individual transaction - even a transaction held for Fraud Review gets a transaction ID from HSBC (under the order number in the main log screen).

Does anybody know of a mod to either

- stop the 'payment cleared' email going out when there is a fraud review and therefore hold the order as pending, as in a non-payment situation


- send an email to admin with all the transaction details each time a transaction is made (including the extra info given when you click on the order number in Payment Transaction Log)?

It doesn't matter if it sends the Paypal info too.

Any other suggestions to get round this would be gratefully recieved (apart from making it part of the admin's job to check the transaction log fully - been there!).

Sorry this is all a bit wordy!

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