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"Order Failed" Plus Other Issues

Guest MLP2011

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Guest MLP2011

Editing this post.

I give up. This cart software is a pile of junk & I am incredibly pissed off considering I paid for the license back in the day & can't even get answers. Judging by the rest of these forums as well as the other one for 3rd party, NO ONE has a fix to this issue. Matter of fact the last time I contacted support from Cube Cart their selves, the reply I received was horrible English that hardly made any sense. What is the point of giving you people any money when apparently #1 you don't care and #2 you've outsourced your customer service like all the other half-assed companies out there, just so you can pocket some more $ while your customers LOSE $?

That Toucan guy should be running the whole thing. He's the only person who's even acknowledges my existence & helped to take care of anything going wrong while everyone else is passed out with their head on their desk.

Thanks for nothing!

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