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ePDQ CPI - Barclaycard Anyone got it working


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WE upgraded to Cubecart 5 which is great.

WE had CubCart 4 and used HSBC which worked fine in CC4

Then switch over to Barclay card in CC4 although we had to Put in the Module in, and it worked fine

Just upgraded last Thursday 12th and up on the 13th tested Saturday payment module for 5 did not work . Tried many different things including new CPI with Barclay

Question Has anyone Got Barclaycard ePDQ to work with CubecCart 5 and if so would be pleased to know how it was done.

Thank you for your time


Valjc Limited

Would like to say it is that Barclaycard ePDQ is working fine now

​Its in the CPI Administration of Barclaycard that is the tricky bit

One phone call to a level 2 person in Barclays and within half an hour working Great So have to say that Paypal and Barclaycard ePDQ works fine in

Cubecart 5 and the return to shop page is a lot better than CC4

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