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Shop by category links are wacky, randomly change


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Guest Viola

Did anyone ever figure out what causes this? A client's store is having this problem. It's not just the category links either - every URL gets corrupted, including the link to the CSS file. The store was running version 5.0.7 when the problem started. The first thing I tried was updating to 5.0.8 but that didn't fix it. I've checked the .htaccess file and it has the default content provided by Cubecart.

Clearing the cache fixes it temporarily, but the URLs go pear-shaped again a day later. I assume Cubecart has a cache lifetime of 24 hours? If so the problem would happen when the cache gets rewritten if there are cached files already there. This obviously doesn't happen on every store, so maybe it's a server setting? File permissions?

And that's about the extent of my ability to debug this, so if anyone knows what's going on that would be great.

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