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Where to Change the Ship by Weight 1st and 2nd Class to something else


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I do not know yet why module language files are not showing in the admin language edit screen, but if you can edit the module file directly, find:


I believe you will need to use the Clear Cache feature after this.

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When I changed those files, It only changed the text on the module page. I did not test beyond the initial add item to cart, and choosing ship method. The text I want to change is in the shipping selection drop-down where it says by "By Weight" and "Flat Rate" as choices. Also, the flat rate allows a write in, and only one rate, where By weight allows two rates, and no write-in choice. How about working in two rates for flat rate next update and easier changing of 1st and 2nd Class text. My CC4 had better management.

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By weight, 1st Class choice, as received by email receipt below: The 1st class should be there between the parentheses. Something is not connected.

The cart also goes through the same step with no explanation after entering billing, shipping address, assuming you will choose a ship method?

Shipping: () $5.95 Discount: $0.00 Subtotal: $29.95 AZ tax: (7.100%) $2.13

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