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HSBC API payments failing

Guest Deejacker

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Guest Deejacker


As from 28 Feb 2012 HSBC API payments have all been failing for no apparent reason. Nothing has been changed on the website, running CC v4.4.6 with 3 mods, but this has been working perfectly fine till now. Contacted HSBC who say nothing is wrong their end and are requesting that I send the transaction XML for the send/receipt of the transaction. How do I go about obtaining this?

The transaction appears to fail when on the CCPA element of the process.

Is anybody else experiencing any issues with HSBC API?

Any help would be greatly received.

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I am having the same problem with V4.4.4. Same as you say, nothing had changed on CubeCart when the problem appeared.

I still have technical support credits so was able to raise a ticket with CubeCart. Both CubeCart and the hosts Native Space have been proactive in trying to find a solution.

On the other hand HSBC are not looking into it. They say the only affected cart is CubeCart (so they say) and therefore the problem "must be due to changes with CubeCart" as far as they are concerned. I have explained at length that no changes have been made at CubeCart but whoever you get on the phone or email at HSBC will only contradict you with something to the effect of "it's down to changes at CubeCart". They just won't accept that it hasn't changed. They also asked me for the XML which I got from CubeCart and sent to them, it didn't help.

The only thing I haven't done so far is speak to anyone from HSBC in the UK, as far as I know secure epayments are handled by a third party technical centre.

The latest advice from CubeCart is that customers with this problem should go elsewhere for a payment gateway.

If I get any further I will post it here.

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Still having the same problem and looking for a common thread.

Would it be possible to find out which SSL certificate company you use? I used Rapid SSL.

Also, do you use the 'www' before your site address as the default? My certificate is set up to be without.

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Guest Ryanloop


I am about to embark on this project of API integtation with HSBC and their half-arsed guide has done nothing but ignite hatred inside me HSBC. Anyhow – your post here has really helped me get my head around it – if only to see someone else had the same reaction to the stupid 20 page list of unnecessary xml data examples  why would I ever want to send the shipping address to HSBC?

So yeah thanks.. I am using PHP so I will be trying your methods as I begin testing.


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