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Creating custom skins with Dreamweaver

Guest abraxas

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Guest abraxas

So I am totally new to Cubecart and at a bit of a loss in terms of creating a custom template/skin. My coding skills are beyond rusty so I created a basic store layout in Dreamweaver visually. I am hoping someone can give me instructions on how to make a unique cubecart layout with the dreamweaver design I made without using code. Any other design software suggestions are welcome. Thanks for helping a newbie!

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Welcome abraxas! Glad to see you made it to the forums.

Would you please expand on your assertion, "without using code"? Since web applications (such as CubeCart) construct web pages dynamically, there is no "without using code".

As far as Dreamweaver, my experiences with it has shown CS5 to be most "behaved", CS4 is workable, but CS3 and earlier is not suitable for the parts and pieces of HTML that must be created as stand-alone snippets and not complete and whole pages.

Having created a series of "mock-ups", you now need to identify the specific areas that Cubecart will want to manage, such as:

Login/out Session area

Shopping Basket Summary area

Latest Products area

View Product vs View category vs View Account Settings vs etc area

and more areas.

Split off the HTML that draws those areas into separate files. The display design phase is over.

Next is the display logic phase.

Your efforts are best discussed at www.cubecartforums.org where custom skins and functionality are freely explored.

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