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Wrong 'No Orders' on Customers screen


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Strange one this.

I have some customers showing as having 1 order, but clicking on the '1' gets a message 'There are no orders in the database'.

I have some customers showing as having 2 orders, but clicking on the '2' only shows one order. As far as I can tell they should only have one order.

I have some customers showing 1 order who actually have 1 order.

I have some customers showing 2 orders who actually have 2 orders.

This came to light because a customer complained that he had placed an order through to completion but when looking at his orders there were none on the system. This customer is in the first category above. I have yet to find out at what stage his 'completion' went to, but there is nothing showing up for him in PayPal. (I only accept payment through PayPal or by cheque). Other customers have paid successfully through PayPal since this incident.

This only seems to have been happening since 3rd April. There have been no changes to the system for several months.



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