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CubeCart 5.0.9 Released

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CubeCart 5.0.9 has now been released.

Download Here

What's new?

  • Optional support for the European Union cookie directive 2012 (disabled by default). With this enabled any "non-essential" cookies such as those created by Google Analytics will not be set until the visitor has approved them. See screenshot attached to this post showing the new visitor dialogue. Every EU store owner must under new laws have this setting enabled and needs to list each cookie created by the site and provide as much information as possible as to what it does within the stores privacy policy. This is a very controversial new law and for this reason we have provided the ability for you to have this feature switched off if you do not wish to abide by it. Please note however that it is possible that you could face a significant fine if it is switched off. Please contact the Information Commissioner or data protection regulatory body of your country for further information.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and module updates.

Screenshot of Cookie Acceptance Dialogue (if enabled)

CubeCart 5.0.8 - 5.0.9 File Difference Report

CubeCart 5.0.8 - 5.0.9 File Difference Report.html.zip

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