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Resolved - cubecart suddenly asking for password when viewing products

Guest irrimiri

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Guest irrimiri


I hope someone can help me with this, because I can't figure out why this happens.

All of the sudden, when viewing the newest products in our front store, the shop asks for a password. If you click cancel you can simply continue browsing the website. But when you view another product the window pops up again.

I don't want the customers to see this. Is there any way I can prevent this from happening?

This is one of the products that asks for a password: http://www.triskelfantasy.com/index.php?_a=viewProd&productId=5615

When I go to the same product in the admin, it again asks me for a password. So it's both on the front end of the store and in the admin.

The weird part about this is that we didn't change any settings in the admin, or in any cubecart files. So we don't know where the problem comes from.

Can someone help me with this?

Kind Regards,



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There's an image on there:

<img width="0" height="0" alt="" src="ftp://triskelfantasy:@swift.qweb.nl/httpdocs/images/uploads/hobby/Zelfhardende%20klei/VB%20Formofit-Ineke.jpg" />

Every time it reads that it's trying to open ftp. Not sure how it will have happened, but you'll need to find that image and change it to be a proper source, probably like so:

<img width="0" height="0" alt="" src="/images/uploads/hobby/Zelfhardende%20klei/VB%20Formofit-Ineke.jpg" />

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Guest irrimiri

Thanks very much Toucan. I checked and there was some error coding in the html code that shouldn't be there. Not sure how it got there.

Thanks for your reply! :D

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