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Costumer uses coupon just 1 time

Guest PanKBoy

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If I give someone a £5 coupon, I want them to get £5 off their order, not £25 off if they order five items. Otherwise it's like giving somebody a blank cheque.



It is a reasonable for a store to offer a range of products at differing prices, say products A B C and D, priced at £5, £10, £15 and £20


It is also reasonable to offer an order discount to promote specific products, say products B C and D


If I wanted to offer a discount of £10 to someone that purchased any of B C and D then I would expect that to be on the order total. The CC5 system has a minimum spend requirement and can lock down to specific products to qualify.


So if someone orders 10x product C, the order total comes to £150


The expected outcome after discount is an amount due of £140


What the CC5 system does is (qty x discount) so the amount due becomes £50


How or why is this acceptable practice?


If someone wanted to discount a product on a per item basis we already have the normal price and sales price values to put into the product details. The current CC5 approach means the whole concept of a coupon system is pointless.


The normal accepted understanding of a coupon is a discount to an order, not to a product line, not to the item, not to the quantity ordered.

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Coupons work properly as a general coupon. So, in the sense that somebody can buy 5 newspapers, get 5 Coke coupons and then go to a supermarket and buy 5 cases of Coke, once per day; it works perfectly. Where it does NOT work is there is no "limit per user." 


Yes I agree, the coupon system works exactly how you would want it to if you had a physical store and people had paper coupons that they handed over the counter. 


The analogy for an online store is that when the coupon is used, it should be virtually "handed over", ie that's is the end of its use.

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