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Implementing SSL

Guest Boberell

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Guest Boberell

I am trying to use the SSL feature. Here is what I have so far:

SSL root path : https://###/username/shop/

SSL Store URL: https://###/username/shop/

Standard Store URL: http://www.###.com/shop/

I am using a shared secure server because it comes with the hosting package.

What is happening is this: http://www.###.com/shop/username/shop/index.php...

What am I doing wrong?

What I would really like to do is just have the checkout in SSL. Is that possible?

Any info is greatly appreciated.

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I can't answer your question about having the entire store (except checkout) NOT under ssl. The following pages are designed to be run under ssl if available:

Cart: basket, cart, checkout, complete, confirm, gateway, remote, and template

User: login, logout, recover, register, account, addressbook, downloads, openid, profile, and vieworder

If you really want to try this, edit the file classesssl.class.php for the variable $this->_ssl_pages on line 63.

I have learned of a few hosting providers that have the ssl version of hosted accounts on a different server (keeping the non-secure and secure account contents synced). As such, the SSL Root Path may be different than what CubeCart has calculated for the non-ssl Root Path. But this is a Root Path, not a web address (URL). So, the root path will take the form that looks something like a filesystem path: /public/###/html/username/shop (probably without the trailing slash). Consult with your hosting provider if your hosted account control panel does not reveal the system path to your CubeCart installation.

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The hosting provider will be able to tell you the relationship between the "https directory" and the normal 'document root' folder, and how, if anything, calling a page by https://whatever changes how the server responds and from where, if different, the directories the files are read from.

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