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Resolved - Amazon Checkout


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Note the link in the third party forum doesn't work ...

this appears to be the actual info page


also, on the Havensoft Hosting plugin

 ... not to keen on the idea of recurring annual fee for the plugin ?

Does it phone home everytime to check license .... ?

why not make it a one time fee?


Hopefully we'll have a proper plugin integrated with upcoming CC version. Will add my vote on request page.

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Hi Chris


Not sure which link you think is not working as I cannot see any issues - can you please confirm and will correct if necessary.


Maybe not the best forum to respond to your points but as you raised them here, I'll answer them for you here as well ! If you or anyone else does have any further questions then I would ask that they are taken out of this forum and we can be contacted directly via our website.


Recurring annual fee - this is common place for many mods especially for the more complicated ones and covers on-going support (should developers be expected to provide free support forever ?) and access to future upgrades (3rd party payment gateways especially quite often make changes over time).


Licencing - again in common with many developers including CubeCart themselves, our products are licenced and do callbacks to our licencing servers. This is an unfortunate necessity because even with the silly prices that are charged for mods, a large number of attempts are made to steal, copy or use mods multiple times. Our licencing system is extremely robust and is part of our much larger hosting platform - we also have local key functionality built in which would prevent any interruption to mod functionality even in the unlikely circumstance of there being downtime of our hosting environment.



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HI, Havensoft folks...

thanks for the reply here (pardon starting the thread here ... it was one of those days ...)


Happy to help you debug the third party store for Cubecart for your listing.


To wit:

if you go to the CubeCartForums site > left menu > CC5 > Gateway > Index of mods/plugins

( Portal > CubeCartForums.org Catalogue> CubeCart v5 > Gateway )

> to your listing (ref: http://www.cubecartforums.org/catalogue/cubecart-v5/gateway/checkout-by-amazon-cubecart-v5-payment-gateway/prod_930.html )

> in the box on page the largest link "Buy This Product" > goes to a "Nothing found for Clients" (https://www.havenswift-hosting.co.uk/clients/clients/cart.php?gid=13)

breadcrumb = You are here: Home >> Blog >> New Firewall IP Unblock Utility


FYI, none of the mods we had for CC4 had annual fee or phone home and worked for 2 years with no issues until we moved to CC5. We've been doing ecommerce since 1996, so pretty 'hip' on how this stuff works. However, it makes sense as the Amazon gateway may change over time and need updates to keep working, point taken :-)


However, the phone home thing is a potential security hole as it's an opening into the system data and may not be PCI-DSS compliant. We'd prefer to have a "key file" tied to the domain name, as CC does. Considering most people savvy enough to hack the key could likely just write their own code for a module like this, we  don't support phone home plugins or mods tied into a secure system. Just my two cents.

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hi Chris


Sorry for the tardy reply, I didn't get an email notifying me of your reply and certainly dont get onto these forums every day now !  Thanks for the details of where the problem was and that issue (and the same issue with two other V5 payment gateways) have now had the paths corrected and therefore fixed !


We don't have an annual fee on the vast majority of our mods / plugins - the only time we do is when there is likely to be changes over time enforced due to API changes or increased functionality both of which Amazon have done several times already.


The licencing system that we use, does use a "key file" tied to the domain very similar to the system that CC does and I can confidently say that it is at least as sophisticated as theirs !   I am not sure what "phone home" systems you have come across or used before but there is absolutely no security risk whatsoever and it has no bearing at all on PCI-DSS compliance either - if that was the case then every CubeCart installation would fail PCI compliance which kind of defeats the purpose of having an E-Commerce platform !


We are not "just" a CubeCart mod / plugin / skin developer but we run a well established web hosting business and security is paramount not just on all servers used by clients (whether shared or dedicated) but especially so on the server hosting our own website and would not have introduced a licencing system for what is a relatively small side to the business that had security implications


Thanks for your help with the product paths !


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