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can't access backend


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I have a CC4 site that has been languishing for close to a year, unpublished because the client owed a substantial sum. that has now been resolved and we are ready to go again. Anyone visitng the site gets the "we are ofline" splash screen generated in the CC settings.

At one point, I made a full back up using cPanel and then removed the account and its fiels from my server (I host the sites I build). The site was then restored last week after the overdue funds were received.

Today is the first time I have tried to access the admin panel since that restoration. And I can't. I am unable to get into the backend.

My access credentials are not recognized. The password reset is not working. My email address is rejected.

I have gone in through phpMyAdmin and reset my access (both the user and the pw) and reset my email address.

But that has not had any effect. I am wondering if perhaps the account was hacked while it sat for months behind the offline screen

Can anyone offer advice on getting into the shopping cart admin panel?


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I think I have HALF solved the problem But I still need some advice.

In MySQL I see a table named CubeCart_blocker. My user name and IP are listed there in that table. Is it possible that is blocking my access and my ability to change the user credentials?

Thanks in advance for any help with this access.

UPDATE: I have deleted the content of the blocker table and renamed it.

Then I tried to log in.

That returned an error msg that the file CubeCart_blocker does not exist. As I understand it, there is a malicious script that is trying to put my login into blocker. I thwarted it by renaming the blocker table but I still need to find and kill that script. .

Does anyone know where that script might be and how to neutralize it?

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