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Bulk delete of products


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Can anyone help with this old support request please?

I've just accidentally imported 1000+ products before uploading their images first (doh!) so I need to delete them all and then reimport.

It will take me ages to manually click the "delete" icon next to each one :(.

What is the fastest way of deleting all product in a particular category? I don't mind using phpMyAdmin, provided you are sure your solution will delete any linked entries in the DB.

Thank you,


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...I should add, I've only imported basic products, there are no options or anything complex, other than each one had an image field.

Given that I know my first new product ID is 20950, I'm thinking of doing:

DELETE FROM CubeCart_inventory WHERE `product_id` >= 20950;

DELETE FROM CubeCart_image_index WHERE `product_id` >= 20950;

DELETE FROM CubeCart_seo_urls WHERE `item_id` >= 20950;

Have I missed any tables?



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