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Resolved - V5 Skin Question


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Hi I am working with V5.1 .1 and have created a bespoke skin for my store.

I realise this is not best development practise...

I built my skin over the default 'vanilla' skin which comes packaged with V5 but havent changed the name of the folder/skin. So essentially I now have the vanilla skin looking completly different and I want to give it a unique name to suit so that I can load it via the skin settings in the admin panel and I dont have to worry about having it overwritten in the future when I upgrade.

I have now changed the name of the skin/folder and I see the name change in my FTP client but for some reason Cubecart doesnt recognise the skin/folder as it doesnt appear as one of the skin options under the skin settings drop down menu in admin. I know the new skin works because its all working very well under the default name of vanilla.

I tried downloading the skin folder and renaming it and then uploading it again to the skins directory but still not recognised. I have all the default skin options available but not my bespoke skin. I am probably missing something fundamental here. Can anyone throw some light on this for me please?

I should mention that I am currently working with the free version as I wanted to try before I buy. This may have some bearing on the specific issue I am experiencing?

Many thanks

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Thanks for the response very helpful.

My cart is in the root directory and all my CSS paths are ../images so I dont think I need make any changes to there.

I have gone into the config.xml and I see vanilla appearing in three places.

1. <uid>[email protected]</uid>


3. <display><![CDATA[Vanilla]]></display>

Would I be ok with the following?

1. <uid>[email protected]</uid>


3. <display><![CDATA[newName]]></display>

Thanks again

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Thanks again.

I edited the config file but still not seeing the skin. Checked spellings, uppercase, lowercase and all looks good. I must be missing something?


Ok I switched from offline mode to store open mode and the skin loaded fine. I guess that was the issue.

I am up and running.

Appreciate all your input

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