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Resolved - Cookie compliance feature

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I have V5.1.1 installed and am finalising before going live. I need some help with the cookie compliance function.

Essentially I want to alert my customers that the site uses cookies as this is now a standard compliance. I have checked the option for Enable EU Cookie Compliance in my admin panel but when I browse my site I am not seeing any kind of notification or option to accept or decline cookies. I thought I had enabled this by checking the feature Enable EU Cookie Compliance .

Can anyone throw some light on this subject?

Much appreciated in advance.

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Have you done a cookie audit? If you have Analytics, Olark, or AddThis enabled you should be seeing the message - otherwise maybe not. Search on this forum and the 3rd party forum and you'll find quite a bit said about cookie compliance.

Hmm... I checked the Vanilla skin, and I have the closing p tag correctly done on line 96.

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Thanks again.

Sorry I am not great with cookies. How do I do an audit? I havent set up a google analytics account for my site yet as im not quite there yet. Are you saying that once I enable analytics under admin panel features the cookie compliance thing should kick in?

Apologies I meant closing bracket on the opening p tag on line 96.

Many thanks

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