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Resolved - Featured image size


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I am working with V5.1.1 and want to increase the size of the featured image thumbnail currently displaying at a default width of 116.

I edited the config.xml file (line 35, vanilla) which is now configured as follows:

<image reference="small" maximum="218" quality="80" default="noimage_thumbnail.png" />

I emptied my cache and am importing my images through admin but still getting a 116 default size image displaying in the code? I guess I am missing something here?

I overwrote the default image size using a CSS descendant selector for img on the containing div #featured_product which works as expected. I am however a little concerned that this may not be the best way to achieve the results that I'm looking for and am open to any suggestions anyone may have?

Many thanks in advance

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When you say you emptied your cache, do you mean you FTP'd into your site and deleted the files in /images/cache/, or used the admin's Maintenance, Clear Image Cache function?

Please also use the admin's Maintenance, Clear Cache, then FTP into your site and make sure that there are no remaining files in /cache/ and /cache/skin/ (other than .htaccess).

When you do re-assign the image to the product, does any file then show up in the /images/cache/ folder?

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Hi thanks for your reply,

Yes I did FTP and empty the cache. I then accessed the config.xml file and redefined the "116" value to "218" and overwrite the previous xml file. However when I then checked the code generated on the page for the featured image thumbnail, I note that it is still defined with an img width="116". I double checked the config file just for the avoidance of any doubt and the "116" value is definitely not in there.

If I now FTP back into the cache folder to view the files generated (I am using admin - I am not generating images manually) I note that a "218" image is successfully being created.

To summarize the featured image thumbnails are now generated at the correct size, but the code that is displaying the featured images is not reflecting the change.

Ok as I am writing this I realize what the issue is... I will continue for the benefit of other members.

The "116" value is hard coded into the box.featured.php file so I am going to have to redefine that value accordingly.

Thanks again

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That was going to be my next point of inspection. You mentioned the "Vanilla" skin is in use. The file box.featured.php (and I am sure there is no such coding in any skin in any file) has no hard-coded tag parameters (well, form input types are 'hidden' and 'submit').

In making the various sizes of images from the source image when adding/editing products indicates to me that the skin probably would not have any intention of over-riding these pre-built sizes.

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Thanks for your reply.

Apologies, you are absolutely right the original skin does not have the hard-coded tag parameter I mentioned earlier. I must have added this myself at some point while developing the skin. My error, thanks for clarifying. I have now achieved the results I was looking for and all is working as expected.

Many thanks.

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