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Shipping by Category issues


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I am new to cube cart and seems to have found an issue with using shipping by category. The two issues I am experiencing are:


Site is www.zipnfc.com/shop

I am using 5.1.1 cubecart

I have set-up category of example Tags as the main and sub categories of Strip, Reel and Box. The reason for this is so I can apply different shipping costs to sending a strip, a reel or a box - could not see another easy way of doing this.

I have selected the Shipping by category method and have no zone restrictions. Local is seen as GB and INternational I kept blank as I assumed it would default to everything other than GB!

Each category has shipping rates set-up for local and international

I have attached a screen shot of the category tags/reel and view basket which shows it coming up as zero!


I have found when signed in a an international user when I view the basket there are no shipping costs. Even though on the subcategory I have shipping costs set up for local and international shipping. I tried pointing the product to a main category incase the issue was picking up shipping for a sub category - but no joy. When I log in as a local user the shipping cost appear apart from the issue raised below which is a bit odd.

Primary category vs other categories with regard to shipping

I assumed that if I have product that belongs to multiple categories that the shipping by category would be taken from the one I have selected as the primary. It looks like it works by which ever category you are in when you select the product, which is not ideal. Can someone explain how this is meant to work or have I found a bug?

Thanks in advance, Chris.

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