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Paypal standard, how to change default Currency to USD if i use ARS?


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Hello, I have a problem, my store used as standard currency Argentina Pesos (ARS), and I need to have paypal as a payment option in dollars, in my paypal account only admit payments in dollars, but to make a purchase from CubeCart 4, he says ARS its currency is not accepted by paypal.

Try to "fool Paypal" modifying the transfer.inc.php adding something like this.

if ($ config ['defaultCurrency'] == "ARS") {

$ config ['defaultCurrency'] == "USD";


but no, still doing the same, I reject it.

My idea is that by choosing momentarily paypal purchase is made in USD as default, accept paypal for purchase.

Is this possible? which file should be modified?

From already thank you very much!

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