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I have a question about the SEO URL Formating.

I have categories which require more than one page to display all products. In other words sub pages of a category which i guess is a pretty common scenario.

The SEO URL title for the first page of my category has an SEO friendly title which does a good job of reflecting the meta data that I entered into the backend of the site. So far so good.

However there is an issue when I click to the next page or second page of my category listings - my SEO friendly URL starts to add "html?page=2" to the end of the title. This continues with each consecutive page in the category - "html?page=3", "html?page=4" etc. it will even display "html?page=all" when i choose to view all products under that category.

All of these pages are generated in my sitemap with the generic "html?page=#" ending. Search engines do not like these URL's. It's just an awful waste of SEO real estate..

Does anyone know of a way to get the category sub-pages to display SEO friendly URL's.

Thanks in advance.

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Dislaimer: I am not a fan at all of SEO. That said:

By what response from Google are you led to believe that Google pays any attention to anything after the ? in the URL? Also, I cannot fathom what you mean by "SEO real estate". (I'm sure those who peddle the SEO religion know what this is. But I don't.)

Until I'm convinced otherwise, everything before the ? that constitutes the "SEO friendly" URL for the first page still constitutes an "SEO friendly" URL for the succeeding pages.

Additionally, for the benefit of those who will try to accommodate a fix for you, would you please reply with an expression of a URL that could indicate in some way what page an application should show, and satisfies the need to comply with a syntax that remains "SEO friendly".

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Thanks for your reply,

I think my question is probably a little confusing so please allow me to clarify. Firstly, apologies by "Google" I mean search engines in general (corrected).

I want to maximize my stores visibility on the web and I want to be sure that my SEO titles are optimized to their full potential. I am not an expert in the field of SEO and welcome any advice here.

My understanding of SEO is that the title tag is the first thing that a search engine looks at (I have labeled it SEO real estate to get the point across). An accepted rule in SEO is that the title tag needs to give an accurate description of the content contained in the page it represents.

I agree that everything displayed before ? constitutes an SEO friendly URL. However in this instance, the "html?page=#" has no relevance to the actual content of the page. It is purely pagination. And therefore serves no purpose from an SEO perspective.

This is open to debate and I welcome comments and advice on the subject but I think I am correct in saying that any wording in a title tag that lacks relevance to the content of the page it represents has a negative effect on SEO. Which of course I would like to avoid.

So I think the best way I can answer your last question regarding an expression of a URL is to say that personally I would prefer to see my category pages URL's with the pagination omitted.

Is there a way of doing this?

Many thanks

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