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Order emails and admin timeout

Steaming North

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Please check this setting in admin: Administrators, edit yourself, Receive Order Notifications? Check or Cross?

Please open the file /classes/session.class.php for editing:

Find this:

   	 //Get all the ini settings to save time later

		$ini = PHP_5_3 ? ini_get_all(null, false) : ini_get_all();

and add above it, this:


		 * Session time out

		 * Change last number of triplet to the number of hours desired

		 * Admin session  :  Customer session


		$this->_session_timeout = (ADMIN_CP) ? 60*60*24  :  60*60*4;

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Here's another one for you! Can you remove the "check you're a human" electronic verificiation thing upon checkout? Customers are complaining they can't read them to be able to type them in, and I've got to say I agree!

Admin/Store Settings/Features Check mark to enable/disable Recaptcha

But you're going to deal with a lot of spam without it. There's a closed thread on this forum, that's been continued on the 3rd party forum, dealing with this issue.

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Thanks guys. More problems seem to keep cropping up (such as when I click products and try and filter it by clicking on a category in the drop down menu, it does nothing, so I can't filter by category!!).

Comment below has been moved to its own thread - http://forums.cubecart.com/topic/46198-issues-with-mobile-skin/

Have you noticed that if you try to view the "inventory" of an order on a mobile (mine's android) you can't see the product? Not very helpful!
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@Steaming North - it's really necessary in order to be able to help you that you first search to see if there are other posts pertaining to your problems and add your comments to those threads if possible. If you can't find anything, then you need to create new posts defining each issue. This will get you the quickest and most efficient help possible. :innocent:

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