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Resolved - Upload More than 4 Images at a Time?


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NOTE: This is a split off discussion following a discussion that involved BACKSTEPPING to an earlier version of jQuery to solve problems with 5.1.3. If you have already upgraded to 5.1.3, that backstep will have to be implemented before using the solution offered in this thread, at least until the issue with v5.1.3 is resolved.

@Bsmither , could you mind to let me know is any possible way to upload more than 4 images at each time ?

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Sure, but I don't know if this will really work.

In the file /js/admin.js, at around line 226, find:

    /* MultiFile Upload */


        max: 4,

        namePattern: '$name$i',

        remove: '<img src="images/icons/bin.png" alt="x" />'


Change max to 10 or 20. I would not leave it blank.

There are limits in place elsewhere... PHP has a file upload limit, your hosting provider probably has a limit of some kind set in the server operating system, there is probably a limit or timeout based on how fast your Internet upload speed is, etc.

NOTE: The MultiFile Upload plugin for jQuery is NOT an uploader. This plugin simply provides the means for creating another form element for uploading files when the current one on display is used. (You use the Browse button and field, then javascript will position it out of sight and cause to display another one.) Also, the plugin provides a means to list the files in the queue and to delete any file from the queue. The files are uploaded using very standard HTML form element POST methods.

The reason I say I am not sure it will work is that in the code above, there is an indication that an image is used to show the Remove link. Instead, CC5 shows a simple text letter 'x'. So why isn't the image used?

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Do you have a way (and know how to do it) to see the actual javascript that was download to your browser? This would involve either Firebug or HTTPFox for Firefox browsers. Maybe Chrome, Opera, IE, and the others have some diagnostics tools but I don't know what they are.

If the code does come in, then obviously it is not getting used. The default for the MultiFile Upload plugin is -1 (probably means unlimited).

So, I don't know why this javascript I mentioned above isn't working for you.

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bsmither , it works now .. after i read your reply and clear all caches and firefox(history ,cookies ). now it works..

i could say it is resolved right now..

Thanks bsmither for always offers fast and right reply , and also thanks all

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