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Issues with Mobile skin

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I guess you would have to make a study of what is considered essential to show on a screen the size of a business card.

Store owners very much wanted a layout that benefited users of mobile phones and the established 1000 pixel wide skins just didn't hack it.

So allow us to ask... what would you squeeze down to near illegibility? What I can envision is a super-tiny image of a picture frame (international symbol for "Click here for bigger picture") that would dislay as big a picture as the three-inch wide screen of a mobile phone provides.

I find the whole concept of a mobile phone lifestyle living on the Internet to have a fundamental wrongness to it.

So, if you have any skills with a graphics program (even doodling on a piece of paper and scanning it in to the computer), let us see what mobile skin design you would like (and make it fit three inches wide), then post it at cubecartforums.org. Maybe someone will take on the project.

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