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Resolved - Product options error


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I have a problem with the product options. I am able to create a new product option group but not able to define an attribute for it. I am also not able to add, remove or amend attributes from existing groups. The functionality has been working fine until today but has now ceased to function as expected.

I can see and add existing attributes to products using a group attribute that I assigned before this issue but can no longer add new attributes to either existing groups or new groups. When in the option attributes panel in admin I can switch between the groups via the drop down menu however when I switch between groups the related attributes below the drop down menu do not change to reflect the different groups I select.

Can anyone help?

Many thanks in advance.

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Whenever "the functionality has been working fine until today", or "all of a sudden it just stopped working", is a good indication that something outside Cubecart's control has changed.

In this case, we know what happened. Early the week of the August 12th, Google updated the version of jQuery held in their repository. There is something about Cubecart's javascript usage of jQuery that the new version does not like.

Please continue to read all the gory details and several possible fixes in many of the posts in this forum. Search for jQuery.

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Thank you for your response. You may have noticed from my post that I am running V5.1.1.

I have been a little reluctant to upgrade to the current V5.4 having read some of the bug reports and issues posted in relation to the various upgrades.

In your opinion would upgrading from my current version to V.4 address the jQuery issue? In other words have the jQuery issues been resolved in the latest version?

Thanks again

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Thanks for your reply. Much appreciated.

I was hoping that this had been addressed in the latest version and I wouldn't have to manually patch the files. Can I assume from your reply that cubecart haven't yet made these changes to resolve this issue in V.5.4?

Many thanks

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