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Cubecart rich snippet data and search results


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I am interested in adding some rich snippet formatting to my existing product reviews in Cubecart so that google will display my review stars in their search results pages which in turn will theoretically improve my click through rate.

Does anyone know if there are any plans to integrate rich snippets with cubecart product reviews in future upgrades? Additionally is there anyone on the forum that can give some direction and practical instruction on how to achieve this with version 5.1.1?

I understand how the rich snippets markup looks and works in principal but im not sure where the review data actually lives in cubecart?

Thanks in advance.

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"Does anyone know..."

I would say the only ones who would know is the head honcho(s) at Devellion, and they rarely give us a heads up on their development track.

"Is there ... direction and practical instruction on how to achieve this?"

Essentially, no, but basically, yes. Over at www.cubecartforums.org is the sparse efforts at documenting CC5. CC's template content demonstrates the fact that each variable placeholder belies its intended value. It is in these templates that I see a simple (but laborious) effort at adding the microdata schema.

The review data is in the Cubecart_reviews database table. It's all collected up by product and populates the content.product.php template where {if $CTRL_REVIEW} starts.

I see it as certainly do-able, I don't know how Cubecart could make it automated, and as best I can tell, it simply involves making your own skin.

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We put - for testing purposes - rich snippets on some products pages of our CC shop.

The results are surprisingly good.

Cubecart should think about to integrate rich snippets in CC6.

That would be a real lift-off feature!


CC has only a small focus on SEO ... time for a change, as SEO is one of the major tasks in online business.

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