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well clearly I am not up on the changes

Guest lcools

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which is why I posted....

if you could please explain and or answer the question....are there archives to the forum that include V3 questions and answers...and while I'm asking, why is Version 3 considered 3rd party?

thanks so much for your time.

Posted Today, 04:10 PM


I came over here because my V3 webshops semme to be taken over by some "see similar" product image hack. Bizarre.

Things have changed on this forum...guessing that V3 is no longer even community supported? It's Christmas sales prep crunch time...not really going to have time to remove V3 or upgrade until probably late December/January.

Are the archives of the forum available anywhere? It's full of invaluable information needed to keep my websites working????!



#2 Dirty Butter

Since CC is no longer supporting v3, this is not the place to ask for help. Try the 3rd party forum.

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Hi lcools, please read this important announcement made some time back. Note, v.4 will suffer a similar fate.

There is no point discussing how or if things might have been handled differently, CC3 is no longer supported and the software is no longer distributed, so Devellion is not obligated in any way to preserve the forum archives, or if they have, to offer them publicly.


There are still many CC3 store owners (myself included) and there are still 3rd party developers who service CC3 stores (myself included), and there is a CC3 section for forums as well as documentation. You can find these at:


Hope this helps.

By the way, it doesn't help anything to post to the moderator after your thread is locked, it should be apparent that CC3 discussions can no longer be made here, and should be taken to the third party forum instead. Dirty Butter is a very helpful volunteer here, and he means no animosity by locking your topic. I think it might help folks like you if the moderators would use a more explanatory stock reply for these topics that includes some helpful links. Anyway, that is that :)

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To directly answer a couple questions:

Third-Party: anyone who is outside the direct relationship between you and Devellion (of CubeCart). The www.cubecartforums.org site is one such place where one may visit to engage in conversations about the behavior, function, and appearance of CubeCart beyond what Devellion is willing to provide to you. Devellion has decided to stop providing the community resources and code for CC3. So these third-party forums are currently your best places for the continued development and training on how to use Cubecart 3.

Archives: I asked Devellion for the database of the CC3 forums and was turned down. So I scraped them for my own personal use.

Still, sad to say the number of truly involved individuals that support CC3 has dropped considerably. I will never drop support for CC3.

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Thanks so much to both of you for your helpful replies and info.rmation.

I was away from on-line matters due to a move.

Big changes all around.


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