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customize product show vertical to horizontal


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is any one know how to customize skin

my store: cubecart v5.1.4 skin ( kurouto-Blue) ,

at the catogried page i want to change the way of product show to horizontal layout like " latest product " layout which you could see at the home page..


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I haven't tried this, so keep a backup of the category file.

In the file content.homepage.php, find the lines of code starting with:

<div class="latest_products">

and ending with its matching </div> tag.

In the file content.category.php, find the lines of code starting with:

<div class="category_product">

and ending with its matching </div> tag.

Remove those lines of code from content.category.php and replace them with the lines of code from content.homepage.php.

Now, you will notice that you have two statements that start a <form> block. Remove the <form> statement that is after <div class="latest_product">. Remove the </form> tag above the matching </div> tag.

Hope that works for you.

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Hello ravuth. As bsmither has already answered, you have to "customize skin" as you originally asked, and you can do it by following his basic instructions . . .

In other words, you have to edit the html and the smarty tags in the two files he mentions. You prefer a "gallery view" for your products, but your skin shows products in a "list view" on the category page. So, you need to use the "gallery view" code from latest products found in skins/<your_skin>/templates/content.homepage.php and adapt that code to the other file for category view page which is skins/<your_skin>/templates/content.category.php

Just pay attention to the post from bsmithers, he has given you the gist of what needs to be done. Use a text editor and keep a backup copy or the original skins/<your_skin>/templates/content.category.php in case you make a mess and need to start over.

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