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SEO and redirects - my site is in a subfolder

Guest Windchime

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Guest Windchime


I have set up a shop in a subfolder http://www.bits4caravans.co.uk/shop

As the site is in a sub folder I thought I should redirect traffic to that folder so I have a redirect from http://www.bits4caravans.co.uk to http://www.bits4caravans.co.uk/shop.

My host wont let me use their seo tools as I have a redirect on there.

I also read that redirects affect SEO and googles ranking.

We have no traffic going to this site and I am wondering if this is the problem.

Should I take off the redirect? if i do how do visitors get to the site if its in a sub folder (sorry this might be a dur question)

Should I move the site to the root? if so are there any instructions.

I am a bit stuck, I have never had a website in a subfolder as never needed to.

Any help suggestions would be very very welcome.


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One of our stores is in a sub folder. The global.includes.php has this structure that I've put your information in:

$glob['rootRel'] = '/shop/';

$glob['storeURL'] = 'http://www.bits4caravans.co.uk/shop';

Is that what yours looks like?

Someone who can help you will need to know about your setup. Please create a sig.

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First, determine "why" you must have a store in a subdirectory.

Having a redirect from Parent to Child means no one ever gets to see Parent. So that relationship needs to end.

There's nothing wrong with publishing a URL that has a positively descriptive word as the name of the subfolder, such as "shop" or "store" or "market" or "parts". Also, nothing wrong with having subdomains with equally descriptive names.

If, when using friendly URLs, visitors do not arrive at the store properly, try adding

Rewritebase /shop/

to the .htaccess file in the top folder of the store.

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Nice post and great help - the rewritebase fixed my problem too!

My site is www.zipnfc.com and I have /site for a wordpress business info and /shop for the online store. We then did a lot of work to merge so that whether you are in WP or Cubecart it looks the same.

Thanks again as this fixed my problem when I moved from a shared host to a VPS environment.

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A lot of frigging to be honest I believe. My web designer did it by playing about with the headers used by cubecart. I have to say at this point it was my goal to have one domain for SEO optimisation rather than two, but not sure how well that works and I might end up having a separate domain for the shop in the end as most of my customers are end users with NFC phones and they really are not that interested in the business side of ZipNFC.

If you want more information happy to get my web designer Helen to provide you some more info on how it is done. She has done some interesting things with WP and cubecart. My other business site is www.adworldit.com but this is using the blakesley theme.

Cheers for the feedback

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Not to worry - I give the impression of being big, but am very small! Well in business size anyway.

The company I use for all my sites and she is a good friend is Helen at www.mousewillplay.co.uk. She has many examples of sites she has done and is very reasonable indeed.

Your business looks really Interesting too.

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