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Homepage - Popular Products not showing up despite being enabled in Ad


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Admin > Store Settings > Layout > Popular and Latest Products

  • Show 'Latest Products' on homepage? = YES
  • Number of 'Latest Products' to display = 9
  • Number of popular products to display = 6
  • Source data for popular products = Products Sales (I've also tried Product Views)

Latest Products show up on the homepage but Popular Products do not.

/templates/content.homepage.php has code for Latest Products but none for Popular, could that be the issue?

This post has a manual method that works, modify main.php with conditional logic instead of main.php (which I would prefer to reduce conditional logic processing) perhaps the Admin option is broken and this is the only way? http://forums.cubeca...pular +homepage

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An unfortunate duplicity of terms, Popular Products is another name for Featured Products. Do you have the box for Featured Product showing?

And as the Featured Product box shows just one product, the intent of asking how many products you want shown in Popular Products (same thing as Featured Product) is to query for the top # products and to randomly choose from that list.

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Nothing shows up on the homepage other than "Latest Products" - not Popular Products, not Featured Products.

And... I believe that is correct, the error is mine. The Layout Box for Latest and Popular Products has a Homepage option for Latest Prod, not Popular. Grouping them together combined with my trying to move them to the homepage exclusively confused me.... more coffee please?

My goal was to remove these items from the Sidebar and display only on the homepage - What I ended up with is below. The Admin Layout > Popular Products option controlls the number of items displayed.

I tried to put the code into 'content.homepage.php' but could only get the Box section Titles to display, no product content.

main.php - code inserted below {$PAGE_CONTENT}


<!-- Display on Homepage -->

{if isset($SECTION_NAME) && ($SECTION_NAME == "home")}

<p style="clear: both;">&nbsp;</p>

<div id="featured_product">


<p class="image">

<a href="{$featured.url}" title="{$featured.name}">

<img src="{$featured.image}" alt="{$featured.name}" />



<p class="title"><a href="{$featured.url}" title="{$featured.name}">{$featured.name}</a></p>


<div id="popular_products">



{foreach from=$POPULAR item=product}

<li><a href="{$product.url}" title="{$product.name}">{$product.name}</a></li>




<p style="clear: both;">&nbsp;</p>


<!-- End Display on homepage -->

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I realize you've put an awful lot of work into creating your skin just the way you want it, so my suggestion is probably not going to appeal to you - but there are Fusion controlled commercial skins that bring this kind of flexibility of positioning with ease - just choose where you want each piece to go and it's there.

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You're correct paying others to do what's fun isn't appealing, until it's not fun anymore ;-) My remaining issue with regard to moving Popular and Feature Products from the Nav bar to the homepage using the code above is the accordion menu pushes them down when expanded. I'll get it working content.homepage.php eventually, just have to figure out how to get the queries for content to return data.

Pushed the site live this morning: http://www.luciasimports.com

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