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CC5 feedback from customer - (brace yourself...)


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Not sure where to put this but thought I'd pass it on as I killed myself to do an CC 4.3.7 > 5.1.4 upgrade I got a lot of help here and it's all based on CC5 which I guess you could say hasn't followed a normal development path :-) Anyhow - within hours of going live the site owner received the following from a long time customer, made me feel 10ft tall and I thought i'd share as we (I) demand a lot of the CC team and they probably don't hear too much beyond $%&*^*%%$!!

"I lOVE your new web site and ordering system. Thanks so much for the change. It took me about half as long to order this time!!"

Peace, thanks to CC5 and the helpers here.

Site: http://www.luciasimports.com/

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