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What are SSL Best Install Practices?

Dirty Butter

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You probably know this, but for anyone reading this who doesn't...

in the admin dashboard, Store Settings > SSL

Enable SSL: Yes

Force SSL on all pages: No (unless you have a really good reason to set this to Yes)

SSL root path: /plushcatalog/ (for a site in the root directory this would just be /)

SSL Store URL: https://dirtybutter.com/plushcatalog

Standard Store URL: http://dirtybutter.com/plushcatalog (Cubecart should auto-detect this)

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Allow me to amend "If the site was called using standard SSL methods, CC5 will use what it figured out on its own" that I posted in another conversation.

The test, located in ini.inc.php, to determine if CC5 will use what it figured out on its own or use $glob elements is in two parts:

1. The web server determined the site should not accept requests using SSL methods (such as the web server is not configured for SSL and sends a 301).


2. There exists the $glob array elements.

So, either part can be false and CC5 will use what it figured out on its own.

1. The web server can accept requests using SSL methods.


2. The $glob elements do not exist.

Later, in the SSL class, if the server can do SSL, and CC5 has allowed SSL to be enabled, then use the admin specified SSL URL and Path, if given. If not given, then don't enable SSL.

Which is strange because CC5 already figured out where it is at. I would think if that's the case, why disallow SSL if the admin didn't provide a URL and path?

(Always a possibility...) Maybe I'm missing something.

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