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Scrolling popular products with images? Facebook Like button Homepage?


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I had a few things on my old Ver4 cubecart that i miss.

I had popular products on homepage with scrolling images on the side.

I had a facebook button people could click to like.

Also had a paypal verified logo.

I guess i have 2 questions.

How do i make "box's" on the home page. I remember doing it years ago on Version4.

How do i get the popular products and on sale items to scroll with images like i had in version4. (is there a working plug-in for v5?)

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You should probably be discussing this at www.cubecartforums.org because plugins are not discussed in depth here, I think. Not sure where the line is drawn. Anyway, I don't think I've seen this done yet, as for scrolling sections. But I would suggest you do it with jquery, it is really time to leave the old proprietary marquee tag out of it I think.

As to adding "boxes", this is simple html work, For instance, in karouto skin, If you want the box-title and box appearance you can use some code like this in skins/Karouto/templates/main.php:

<div id="featured_product">




Paste that whole block between {$SHOPPING_CART} and {$RANDOM_PROD}, for instance, in main.php.

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