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How do i find the installation?


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I just signed up for a 14 day trial version of cube cart.

I im not very good in programing and ask for your help how to dind the trial program and how i shall install they product key i got in my mail so i can download it and try it before i buy the real program.

I have a mac and knows that some programs is only for PC, so i hope cubecart is for mac to.

I hope for your help

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yes i tried to download that and got a lot of different files.

I clicked on setup.install.php and it dont work with Mac

so i guess its not possible unless i have a PC

o im i wrong?

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You say you clicked on setup.install. Are you in your database cpanel Folder view, NOT your Mac?

I'm not at all familiar with Mac, but for me downloading gives a zipped file. I upload that to the root of my store. That is then extracted from within your host's cpanel. Then you go to your browser's address bar and put in your store address with /setup.php on the end.


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1. CubeCart does not "run on a Mac" or on a PC, etc., it is not a desktop program, it is a website. The CubeCart store must be installed on a web server, on the world wide web.

Do you have a website hosting account?

2. You can install a CubeCart store to your local desktop/laptop if you have a server software already set up on your desktop/laptop. Developers often run local copies of websites on their personal computers, for development purposes.

I think I understand from your question that you are totally unfamiliar with all this? Here is some info for you.

1. You must have a website hosting account for owning a website space on the worldwide web.

2. You must be able to have a database set up at your web server.

3. You must install the CubeCart software onto the web server.

Please read the web server requirements at the main cubecart website, and procure appropriate web space.

If you are unsure how to create a website or innstall CubeCart, might I suggest you purchase the installation service?

Hope this helps.

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