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How to add an extra image at the center of header


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Hopefully someone will be able to help you accomplish this. But to help the helpers, please create a sig indicating your version and if it's a clean install or an upgrade - from what. The more info about your setup you add to the sig, the less time is wasted waiting for questions to be answered.

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Simple answer is that you add an image using the html <img /> tag into the html for your page. Depending on your skin, this will probably be added into the file,

skins/(SKIN NAME)/templates/main.php

You will need to know the pathname for your image.

You use the html <img> tag like this:

<img src="web_address/location_of_image.jpg" alt="alternative text in case image doesn't show" />

You can read about how to use it here: http://www.w3schools...ags/tag_img.asp

Now, for any more specific help, you will need to provide more specific info. What is the site URL? What skin do you use? What is the image you want to place? Where exactly do you want it to go? If we can see what exactly you are trying to do, we may be able to provide a specific answer.

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Thank you for your reply markscart and thank you too for the info Dirty Butter. I am running a 5.1.4 version, skin used is Kuruto Blue the website is http://www.australiawidewreckers.com.au . Now, while working on it yesterday, I tried to merge the picture together with the logo and made it part of the logo; it seems to work fine that way. The only problem is I am limited to the space I can occupy at the center of the header.

I did try the <img> tag when I was trying to experiment yesterday; but the image did not appear BUT I do remember I did not have an alternative text. So I might try that one.


I would still like to put up the picture separately from the logo so I will do what you have suggested markscart; now, if I needed to adjust the spacing and area which my picture will occupy, how do I do that? I know it will have something to do with the style of the skin; but I'm not really sure where and how to go about the adjustments.

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I have actually done what markscarts' suggestion and the image did appear; however, it actually moves everything out of place including my actual logo.

I used the code similar to one of the resolve solution in the forum about adding another picture on the header:

<div style="float:right;position:relative;right:0;top:0;width:0px;margin-top:15px;"><img src="/skins/kurouto/images/blue/sign-logo.png">

the picture did come out but the logo and even the footer was just out of place after that. Can anyone advise me on what to adjust to find the right setting or proportion to get the second picture at the center?

Thanks everybody so far for all your advise. I'm new here and I'm still trying to get my bearing.

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