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Turning on cache means website loses categories

Guest Alex L

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We have recently developed a site using Cubecart and while in development we had the cache turned off. Now when we turn it on (either on the development server or live one) no categories are showing. There has been no changes to the core functionality. We have tried clearing the SQL cache, file cache and regenerating the sitemap in the admin area but to no avail.

We have also tried manually deleting the cache files from the file system.

The categories only don't show when the site's cache is on.

Can anybody offer any suggestions?

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Hello Alex L,

Could you help us by letting us know what skin you are using, and the exact version of CubeCart?

Can you also let us know that you have verified that "Hide Categories with No Products" (or something like that) is disabled, and that all the categories themselves are not hidden.

Can you state that with the cache system enabled and disabled, you were, in both instances, viewing the store front-end as a logged-in admin?

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