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Using Options for Multiple File Types


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Is it possible to use options and link to different files for a single digital product? I am trying to set up a store that will have at least 6 different file types for each product, and I would prefer to not send the customers file types they cannot use.

Thanks for any hints/tips as this is my first time setting up a storefront.

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Welcome svrabel! Glad to see you made it to the forums.

There is no built-in feature that accomplishes this. In the third-party mods forum, there is a mod that seems to indicate some level of control over stock levels - but is probably not what you need.

The solution to your needs is to derive a custom product code based on the original product code concatenating the option code. This new product code matches a "hidden" product that is directly related to the variant of the product sold.

On the surface, that seems like a real easy hack. Send me a Private Message if you want to pursue this - as this feature is not part of the core feature set.

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This is of interest to me but perhaps with a slight variation. I want to give customers the option to download an MP4 version of a PowerPoint Show. So the main product selected is the PowerPoint Show then they can select an option to include the MP4 video format as well if they want to. When the option is selected it adds the MP4 download to their current order. The MP4 file would be a hidden product.

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