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required address fields & incorrect counties


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I have recently had a few customers phoning me saying they can't complete their order due to the county field not having their county and this is a required field. Please could someone tell me how to remove this as a required field as it isn't critical for this to be in the postal address or how to update the list?

The only one that I know that is incorrect is Berkshire is only on as West Berkshire, I have notice that some cities are listed as counties ie, Plymouth, Nottingham, etc.

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I have installed the most recent version of CubeCart for a clean install and the county list is still wrong.


I know we can add a "zone" for missing counties but I would also like to remove this from being a required field... mainly to avoid an order critical dependency on something that isn't 100% correct but also because it isn't officially required by Royal Mail and was dropped from the PAF in 1996... see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Postal_counties_of_the_United_Kingdom


What I would like to do:

1/ add East Sussex, West Sussex, North Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire (any others?)

2/ use the correct three letter abbreviations to match

3/ remove Sussex and Yorkshire

4/ ensure the county list is still sorted alphabetically

5/ remove required field for county on both billing and shipping address forms


Perhaps we could have a MySql patch to run in the ACP for this.

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Tasks 1 and 2 can be done from admin Countries/Zones, Add Zone tab.


Task 3 can be done on the Zones tab. But be mindful of any existing customers and orders that has a zone (state, county, province, etc) you are intending to delete.


Task 5: See this http://forums.cubecart.com/topic/46839-resolved-admin-state-problem-for-countries-without-states/


Task 4 is solved in CC520 (though, in beta1, not as well as I would have liked). To edit this yourself, see:


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