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Cubecart update prices by category - Not working


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Disregard using the bulk update of price (and sale price). Try this instead:


In Store Settings, Features tab, set the store to Percentage Sales Mode. For the Global Percentage Discount, enter, 16.7.


The products, with a regular price of 2.99, will have a sale price of 2.49.

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From what you describe, the sale price for a particular product, as seen in phpMyAdmin, was initially 0.00.


Then you caused the sale price to be reduced by 0.50 and phpMyAdmin shows -0.50.


Then you caused the sale price to be reduced by 1.00 and phpMyAdmin shows -1.00 (but I think should be -1.50).


Then you caused the sale price to be increased by 1.00 and phpMyAdmin shows 1.00 (but it should be -0.50).


Or did you cause each change to happen to a different product each time?


(Hmm... I vaguely recall CubeCart having code that disallows negative sale prices. I don't recall what CubeCart did about it.)


Choose (or edit) a product that has 20.99 as the price and 13.49 as the sale price. Verify in phpMyAdmin.


Then, in CubeCart, bulk change that particular product to have a sale price of an increase in the amount by 2.00. Verify in phpMyAdmin.


Does the product show the expected price and sale price when viewing that product in CubeCart?

To muddy the water just a bit, I have a similar scenario (all prices set at $0.00, with "real" pricing in the options). I tried setting a global price reduction of $5, but everything went UP by $5. So I tried it again, and then everything was $10. So I decided the only logical conclusion was to increase the prices by $10, and then everything returned to $0.00.


Now I will simply leave that option alone. ;)

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Did you confirm the values in the CC_inventory database table (using phpMyAdmin, for example)?


From what you describe, starting at 0, going negative by 5 (equals -5), but CubeCart shows 5, could also imply CubeCart doesn't want to show the negative sign. Where did you witness the display of 5 when it should have been -5? What did the Price tab have when bring that item up for editing?

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