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not really low price of $920 for v3/v4 to v5 Skin Upgrade Service


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so did anyone notice this? "v3/v4 to v5 Skin Upgrade Service $920.00 Each"

Because CC-v4 life is just ended now, as no more updates; I was thinking lets upgrade cc4 to cc5, but came across that the v5 default skin is horrible and not anywhere near the look I wanted. (using KitaBlue now)

now my dilemma is should I stay and upgraded skin and cart for for $200 cart + $920/each skin total of $1100; or just move my shopping cart to somewhere else for $300 with the better look.

any thoughts on this.

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It seems you have not considered the third-party forum for the skin upgrade. Shame on you.

In any case, moving carts will cost a lot more than what is quoted... unless you stick with shipped skins all the way.... which makes your store look like a million other stores.

Incidently, the shipped skins with v5 are FAR better than the shipped skins with v4. KitaBlue is terrible by comparison to Kurouto.

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I must say i'm very disappointed ..... to develop a store in CC4 and then be told it's "No longer going to be supported" .... it's pretty ordinary in my opinion. I was almost going to take you up on the $990 upgrade service, but now there's not even any chance with that.


Relucactantly i'll have to start looking elsewhere.

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Hello! We have announced the end of life of v4 for a very long time now. We can't do much more than that. 


The skin upgrade service is still available. We were outsourcing it to webcreation.us. You could contact them directly. Alternatively we have other partners who could do this for you. http://cubecart.com/partners/solution


Good luck!

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