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Resolved - I'm really not crazy on this one.. URL Hijacked?

Guest HARP

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I've run into this several times and tried to see if it's repeatable and it is. Not a cubecart issue but a URL hijacking issue?

When I put in "cubecart" into google it pops up like this:

eCommerce Software | CubeCart


Free eCommerce shopping cart software with 14 day full version trial.


We are proud to promote cubecartforums.org which has ...

Terms of Use

By accessing this website, you agree to these Terms of Use ...


Intuitive New Control Panel. From here every aspect of the store ...

Software License

License Type: This is a custom

license. CubeCart is NOT open ...

If I click on the Forums link that shows in the list the first time (and only first time) it brings me to the following URL: http://url4short.info/fb6cb7b3

If I back up and do it again then it will go to the forums page just like it's supposed to. This is true in both Firefox and Internet Explorer. (except it's worse in Explorer because it won't let you off the page!)

The same problem occurs if you put "cubecart forums" in google and get:

CubeCart Forums


We are proud to promote cubecartforums.org which has been setup for the discussion..

Be careful when you try it because in Explorer I got stuck on the page and it looked like it was downloading junk so now I have to clean everything.

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Our forums had been exploited though a security hole in Invision Power Board. This has now been patched and everything is back to normal. Thanks for letting us know!! Code had been added though this exploit to steal Google search engine traffic.


No other area or aspect of our server has been victim to this exploit.

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